Fine Fellows Golf Association

We are the Fine Fellows Golf Association, an organization open to all, devoted to promoting golf and good friendship among gentlemen of fine character.

We just play golf and remain devoted to our motto “Friendship, Competition, Integrity”.

By agreeing to play in one of our events, you will have the opportunity to meet brother golfers and fine fellows whose national origins number more then twenty nations. A list of all Fine Fellows GA members can be found on the Fine Fellows GA members page.

Vincent Wilds & Louis Rothback.

Original Members
Stan Kersey, Flash Linder, Phillip Mannino, Glen Rothback, Luis Ghigliotty, Norman Este, Burdell Phinizy, David Ragoonath, Steve Wall, Eddie Williams, Danial Clowery, Ronald Greneroso & Wayne Cottle.

Advisory Committee

Louis Rothback

The President – The man at the top and who started it all, without him and his vision at the start we would not have a Fine Fellows Golf.

Vincent Wilds

The Motivator – The Fine Fellows motivational speaker, chief recruiting officer and on course wildlife expert.

Phillip Mannino

The Organizer – The man who you can credit with keeping your games, competitions and running of the club in check.

Fine Fellows Golf Events – When and Where?